Music and Drawing: Experience the Fusion

Does your mind wonder when you listen to music?  Relish the moment and amplify the experience by exploring music through drawing!  In this studio-based workshop, participants will be guided to draw lines and use color in response to live music, engaging in a meditative, creative practice.     

Materials can be chosen by each participant depending on personal preference:   

  • Paper (thicker, heavier weight if using water based paint).   
  • Line – a pencil or a pen, or a marker or charcoal (or other).   
  • Color – crayons or markers, or chalk/oil pastel or paint (or other).  

Naomi Cloutier is a musician whose interests include therapeutic harp, piano, flute, clarinet, voice, violin and cello.  Naomi is also a theory teacher and a symphony keyboardist and harpist at Kamloops Symphony Orchestra and Music School.  At TRU, Naomi works as an Associate Director of Curriculum Services in Open Learning. 

Marie Bartlett is a visual artist whose focus is drawing, painting, and graphic recording and facilitation.  Marie works as an Instructional Designer in Open Learning.   

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