Creativity at a Distance

Creativity at a Distance is a workshop being run as part of the Creativity in the Open event being held on October 23 & 24, 2017 at Thompson Rivers University. Unlike the other workshops, this one is intended to celebrate the ability of distance, in terms of both space and time, to enhance creativity.


This workshop is completely experimental and we are running it with the expectation that some of the technology will fail, or activities will not run completely as expected. Creativity is about taking risks and being ambitious. We know the activities developed as part of this workshop might fail, but if that is the case, our goal is to fail spectacularly and to learn something while smiling and laughing along the way.

Workshop Activities

We are planning to run three or four different activities associated with this workshop. We are hoping that participation in some of them will begin before the workshop and continue after the workshop ends. Click on each image below to see how you can get involved from a distance before, during and after the onsite workshop.

Before the workshop

During the workshop

After the workshop