Sound gallery

During the workshop:

Thanks to great global participation, we have sounds. During the Workshop we’ll  be asking folks to select a sound and react to it either with a drawing or a poem, and to submit those drawings using the submission form and instructions at the bottom of the page (anonymous submissions are encouraged).

Log drumming

Morning sounds

Waiting on a friend


Bugs in my head

Hacking chess

Coyotes & crickets






Playing phone




To do (during the workshop):

  1. Select a sound from the list above.
  2. As you listen to it, take one or two minutes (max) to draw or write a poem. Don’t think about it. Just respond 🙂
  3. Upload your recording using the form below. If you provide an email, we will let you know when your images have been uploaded.
  4. If you have any problems, put up your hand or scream and yell until you get someone’s attention.