Thank yous

I am going to try to say thank you to everyone who has been involved in planning, contributing in the ‘before the workshop section,’ and running this event. That means that I will almost certainly miss someone(s), so to those folks I’m adding an up front special thank you.

Krista Adams

Navdeep Aulakh

Maha Bali

Autumm Caines

John Churchley

Catharine Dishke Hondzel

Andrew Fergus

Monica Flores-Sanchez

Jon Fulton

Michelle Harrison

Christina Hendricks

Rajiv Jhangiani

Brian Lamb

Colin Madland

Brandon Olds

Mark Roberts

Nicole Singular

Laura Ritchie

Sherri Spelic

Carolyn Teare

Clare Thomson


Online annotators not listed above: tutormentor1, dogtrax, BrunoDSL, wentale, idevries, tellio, hypervisible, kenbauer, jhayman, Anonymouse, Steve_Ehrmann, edtechsInfo

Sound contributors not listed above: Alan Levine, Anne Marie Scott, Irwin Devries

Manifesto for Teaching Online authors for allowing use to reuse and annotate their work: Sian Bayne, Peter Evans, RoryEwins, Jeremy Knox, James Lamb, Hamish Macleod, Clare O’Shea, Jen Ross, Philippa Sheail, Clara O’Shea

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