Creating Space for Liberating Structures Online

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Exercise one: Impromptu Networking


  • What big challenge do you bring to this gathering? What do you hope to get from and give this group or community?
  • What is a challenge you have had with online collaboration? What is something you have learned in the past two years? 

In each round, two minutes per person to answer the questions. Four minutes per round. We will place you randomly, and there is no expectation of reporting back.

Exercise two: TROIKA Consulting

Invitation: “What is a challenge you have bringing creativity into your teaching, technology or work?  “What kind of help do you need?” 

  • Introduce the ‘alphabet’ draw out or jot down your challenge 


(Depending on time, we will have one or two rounds):

  • 1 min: Invite participants to reflect on the consulting question (the challenge and help needed they plan to ask when they are the client) 
  • Breakout groups of 3 
  • 2 min: First client shares their question 
  • 2 min: clarifying questions 
  • Client stays present and watches, but does not speak 
  • 4-5 min Client turns off camera & mic, consultants generate ideas, suggestions and coaching advice Client turns camera/mic on and shares what was useful